The Dream Team

The Dream Team is a group of incredible people that work closely with our Nursery, LifeKidz, and Production staff to ensure that each weekend service experience is a "dream" for those who attend each week.  The Dream Team does this by creating a vibrant, comfortable environment through hospitality and serving.  They serve in the roles of...

Host & Hostesses - These are people who love to make guest and regular attendees experience the warmth of being 'at home' through smiles, handshakes, hugs, or simply by providing a mom an extra pair of hands as she leads her children through the door.  Host and hostesses are located to greet people on the sidewalk, at the door, and throughout our lobby.

Ushers -  Our ushers continue the work of making people feel at home once they're in our sanctuary.  They do this by assisting people with seating, assisting our Pastors with people management, serving in the collection of our offering or by distributing materials or elements of communion.

Hospitality Table Attendants -  These wonderful folks serve our church by maintaining the hospitality table in our lobby, and keeping it fresh with coffee, water, tea, juice, and sometimes cookies, donuts, or danishes.

Guest Services Attendants -    These attendants serve as the "go to" for first time and regular guest who may need directions, instructions about how to check their children in, want information about specific ministries, programs or activities.  Beyond their service as an informational hub, they also serve in helping people sign-up or register for events.

Valet Parking -  This wonderful group helps to provide a solution for our rather difficult parking situation.  Valet parkers serve our guest by parking their cars in the more distant parking areas, greatly shortening their walk.  This ministry is especially vital for elderly or disabled guest, as well as on days when the weather is bad.

This team is all about one thing: serving God by serving His people. If you desire a life filled with joy, growth, and community, then come join the team! 

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    Production Team

    Sound Board Operator -  These folks work hard to keep what is heard in our environments pleasant.  They mix the sound so that everyone can hear, without hurting the ears.  They're responsible for maintaining our audio equipment.  Training is provided.

    Visual Projection Operator -    These operators work with our worship team and speaker to provide helpful, pleasing visuals through video presentation, visuals include song lyrics, Biblical text, and at times, pictures and video clips used to illustrate sermons.  Training is provided.

    Light Board Operator -   Light board operators help to create attractive and purposeful lighting in our worship environments.  Training provided.

    Stage Hand -   Stage hands simply assist the Worship and Preaching Teams by placing and removing props and other objects during our worship services.

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    Creative Ministries

    Graphic Design - We're always looking for people have that artistic, creative knack for designing attractive promotional flyers and posters, sermon and announcements slides, images, logos, etc.  

    Set Design -    Set designers help to creatively design stage sets that are attractive, and that draw people in for worship.  They also help design sets and build props for special events and services.

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    Support Ministries

    Administrative Team -   Administrative Team volunteers assist our church administrators in preparing and sending out mail, gathering information, filing, organizing and other clerical work.

    Grounds & Facilities Maintenance - This groups of servants work hard to keep our buildings and grounds looking their best for our anyone who steps on to our property.  Includes those who have skills and knowledge in constructions trades, but there are many opportunities for those who are available for painting, cleaning, light maintenance, and yard work.

    Vehicle Maintenance - Those with mechanical skills are invited to help LifePoint maintain our vehicles, and keep them available for ministry.


    Events -   LifePoint often needs folks, often times in large numbers, for set up/clean up and serving as special ministry events on and off our campuses.  These are generally large efforts where many hands are needed.

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    Compassion Ministries

    Care Team (Contact & Visitation) * - 

    Prayer Ministries * - 

    Missions - 

    *  Areas marked with a "*" are roles that involve an interview with the ministry Director and/or the Pastor.

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    Worship Ministries

    Choir - 

    Drama - 

    Worship Team (instrument) *  - 

    Worship Team (vocal) *  - 

    Special Music (instrument or vocal) - 

    *  Areas marked with "*" are roles that involve an interview with the ministry Director and/or the church Elders.

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    Family Ministries

    Nursery (ages 0-2) ** - 

    Pre-School (ages 3-5) ** - 

    LifeKidz (grades 1-5) ** - 

    RealLife (grades 6-12) ** - 

    College & Singles * - 

    Young Marrieds * - 

    Men's Ministries * - 

    Women's Ministries * - 

    Sr. Adult Ministries * - 

    Small Group Leader * - 

    *    Areas marked with "*" are roles that involve an interview with the Director over the ministry and/or the church Elders.

    **  Areas marked with "**" are roles that involve an application process, as well as an interview with the ministry Director and/or the church Elders.

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