The Darabani Project

In the summer of 2017, a few of our members partnered with friends from other churches in Illinois to share the love of God to some wonderful people in the rural village of Darabani, Romania.  The people of Darabani were warm and hospitable, and welcomed our team with open arms.  And yet, many of them live in extremely poor conditions.

God has placed it on the heart of one pastor, serving in a larger church in nearby Bucharest (capital city of Romania), to plant churches in the rural communities, such as Darabani, to serve their need, and draw them to Jesus.  With a church already planted in Darabani, this pastor now has a vision for transforming an old, abandoned building (seen in the photos above), once a night club, into a community center that will provide much needed feeding and educational programs for those in the community.  Two years later, pastor Dorel reports that the exterior of the building is complete with a new roof, windows, and paint.  Nevertheless, the interior portion of the building remains undone.  The completion of this phase of the project will cost an estimated $35,000.

In the summer of 2020, a team from LifePoint Church (partnering again with Pawnee A/G) will be traveling back to Darabani to assist with the construction in the interior portion of the community center and, of course, to love on the people of Darabani.  Our desire is that each of our churches would supply half of the project funds needed to complete the community center.  Our goal, at LifePoint Church, is to raise $17,500 by the summer of 2020 to invest into God's Kingdom in this little village of Darabani.  We would be honored if you would partner financially with us to see this work accomplished. We're believing God to provide for this goal through the following gifts given by individuals or families:

2 gifts of $2,500

5 gifts of $1,000

5 gifts of $500

25 gifts of $100

30 gifts of $50

50 gifts of $20


Total = $17,500

Of course, we would be grateful for any size gift.  Your tax-deductible gift can be given today by pressing the "Give to the Project Today" button below, or by mailing a check to: LifePoint Church, 703 4th Street, Carrollton, IL 62016.

To view more photos and videos showing the work and progress on the Darabani Community Center, click HERE.