The MOMENTUM Capital Campaign

The 2019 MOMENTUM Capital Campaign is LifePoint's effort to raise needed funds (capital) for replacing, upgrading or expanding the spaces and equipment needed for pointing people of all ages to Jesus and teaching them to know Him more.  We have a very robust vision for the way God wants to use our church to minister to our community, and that translates to a very robust list of future projects.  We will complete projects, one by one, as funds are raised.  Our 2019 MOMENTUM Campaign runs from May 2019 to May 2020.  Our fundraising goal for this time is $10,000.  Funds raised will be combined with money we already have saved to complete the following 3 projects this year:


    Yes. We did expand our nursery in 2015, doubling the space we previously had.  But, we've recently been blessed with an influx of young families and births.  While we are tremendously excited by this growth, in creates a need to expand our nursery again.  Fortunately, we have an attached shed, connecting it to the nursery with a doorway.  This shed will be finished out, converting it into an incredible space for our little ones to learn and play.  This will come close to, again, doubling our current nursery space.  We anticipate this project will cost about $6,000.

  • Live Sound Equipment / computer


    Our current computer, used for video projection, is far past due to be upgraded.  The same can be said for most of our sanctuary sound system, including our mixing board.  Desiring to be good stewards of our finances, we have put off replacing this equipment as long as we could, but can do so no longer.  This new equipment will not only give us greater stability in our use of technology, it will also give us the ability to upgrade the experience of those who attend.  The project is estimated to cost between $7,000 and $8,000.


    So many in our community have asked, "Has LifePoint made any progress on the buildings you purchased on the square in 2014?"  Up to now the answer has been "nothing but demolition."  We now have one final step to take before we will, finally, be ready build again in the east building (old photography studio).  Our goal for this year is to replace a section of flooring in the back of the building, that will have us ready to build our new church offices and enable us to have a presence on the town square.  Work on this project will begin after the other two projects are complete.  The cost for this project is not yet known.